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About Us

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Let us introduce ourselves…

Where most shops are DRP (Direct Repair Program), shops for insurance companies, we are the rare independent shop. Meaning we don’t get spoon fed insurance work, but also means we don’t have to worry about maintaining our big long contract with the insurance that basically states that we’ll do everything they want us to do, mainly cutting corners.

We fight for the customer and their vehicle, because in the end, it’s the customer that has to live with the repairs. And we are better for the ins co because we make their vehicle safer, so less chance of bodily injuries for the ins to shell out money for in the next accident.

We backup our work for life on what we do. Insurance will try and steer you to their shops and say they’ll back it up as well, but in reality they just throw the DRP shop under the bus and make them deal with it

Why Choose Us?

We assist you through the process unlike any other shop. Where most say “go fight it out with your insurance company and let me know when the fight is over”, we’re helping you every step of the way.

We use DuPont paint, which is the factory brand for about 80% of vehicles out there.


Auto Body

Call us right away after your accident, even if you think it is totaled. You can even have the vehicle towed to our shop to prevent losing out on potential money. Most shops are Direct Repair Provider shops to save your insurance company money and cut corners costing you more in the long run. We do it right from the start, as an independant shop we are not restricted in helping you through the entire process. we handle the insurance claim for you. We are your partner to fix and finish the entire process, helping you avoid the pitfalls and drive off happy.


We have bar none the best technician that you’ll find for hundreds of miles. As a ford master tech his training, required by the dealership he worked at for 29 years, involved going every 3 years to Ford for rigorous training and testing costing $45k each time. We put our customers ahead every time with ethical quality service, saving all parts to show the customer what was wrong and providing service giving you peace of mind on the road.


Not all glass replacements are created equal, and the steps or materials that other “shops” skip often lessen the value and protection to the customers and decreases the life of the windshield. Rust is a common problem that comes from within and will most likely pop out in case of a vehicle accident. We ensure our windshields in case of accident, life time rock chip repair, any leakage or seal break while maintaining the value of your vehicle. Enjoy life saving peace of mind for many years to come.


First class service, we treat your car as our own, usually better than you do 😉 . Our detailing technicians, shampoo your headliner, upholstery seats and carpets (if it’s leather we recondition them). Taking compressed air through every vent and crevices (taking out that special sauce that you’ve added to your car), degreasing, shampooing, making the inside shine and smell like brand new (minus your wear and tear). The outside is hand washed and hand waxed along with our specialty buffing system taking out the cars of a cheap car wash (we can even taking off the hard water), ensuring the best shine to make your neighbors notice as you drive by.


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We guarantee our work, the quality and safety that comes with it.

If you are ever in an accident have your vehicle towed directly to our shop closest to you.

We take care of our customers and will help you get the most from your insurance with out you having to play the middleman game.

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